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Get to know Justin-

Justin Fields was born in New York City. Growing up in the Bronx, he was influenced by the hustle and bustle of NYC. From a young age he had a very creative personality, getting involved in art classes, reading comic books and emulating artists of the time. The multi-cultural environment mixed with his love to eat would be the building blocks of his culinary journey.

Justin attended the Culinary Arts program at Bergen Technical High School in Hackensack NJ. This is where his appetite for culinary success began. Upon graduation in 2000, Justin enrolled into the Culinary Arts program at JWU in Providence, RI. During his schooling Justin moved to Maui, Hawaii for an internship to work at Roy’s Kahana Bar and Grill. He left the mainland with nothing but a suitcase, a plane ticket and a desire to make it to the top.

Taking his career even further, Justin decided to continue his education with JWU and received his BA in Restaurant Management in 2004. After finishing his BA, Roy’s Restaurant was the #1 opportunity on his radar, and he landed a position as sous chef trainer in Philadelphia. Ultimately becoming Chef Partner of Roy’s Sarasota in December of 2008.

That is when a new path presented itself in 2013. As a result of his immense creativity and talent, he transitioned to Corporate Chef / Research & Develop world. Within 4 years he was promoted to Executive Chef / Director of Research and Development, playing an integral role in building brand recognition for multiple concepts.  Chef Justin added an international presence to his arsenal in 2020 becoming the culinary lead for multiple international concepts, expanding his brand coverage and global cuisine knowledge. 

Get to know Chef Clay White-

Chef Clay White is a born and raised North Carolinian. He became passionate about cooking while watching and learning from his grandmother as she cooked every meal for his family. He fell in love with food and food preparation at an early age. Although life took him in a very different direction, his passion for food was always there. ChefClay is a Desert Storm Veteran having served honorably in the United States Army until he got out in the early 90’s. He and his wife moved to Moore County in 1997 and fell in love with the area.

ChefClay graduated with honors from culinary school and is a Former Culinary Instructor at Fayetteville Technical Community College where he taught Global Cuisine, Garde Manger, Purchasing, Wine appreciation, Menu Design, ServSafe and others. ChefClay is also a certified ServSafe Instructor and Proctor offering private classes in Moore and surrounding counties.

Recently ChefClay completed the level one Court of Masters Sommelier and is studying for Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW), the Certified Wine Expert (CWE) and the Certified Sommelier (CS).

​KCBS/NCBS Certified Judge/Table Captain and has a Competition BBQ Team.

Get to know Sarah Okano Mansfield Pierce-

My passion is rooted in the joy that comes from preparing and sharing food. I am a self-taught cook, with years of guidance from my Japanese mother, Sumiko and grandmother, Yoko, who came to this country before the second world war. These two talented women showed me the value of working by hand with the ingredients local to your home. They knew how to avoid waste and to deploy one’s imagination with ingredients you have on hand. I grew up between a New York City apartment and a farm in Vermont where my father taught me how to milk a cow, make butter, drive a tractor and make maple syrup. Both my parent’s lifelong journey in the making and sharing of food, at the table we still sit at, is rooted in my consciousness. I have cooked professionally for over 40 years, almost always in unusual capacities. Some examples include cooking for months in a tent camp for fisherman in the Alaskan Bush, out of Avon rafts for The Nature Conservancy donors on rivers in Montana, for 100’s of families bringing prepared food to their doorsteps in Denver, Colorado and for the past 5 years cooking meals that are made fresh and vacuum sealed for the 100’s of guests we take to our high camp at 11,000 feet on the Grand Teton in Wyoming. Eating healthy, delicious food from only the best ingredients, has always been essential to my life as the mother of four children and for keeping our clients at The Mountain Guides feeling their best on long, strenuous days in the mountains.

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Hot off the press!! Okano’s Kitchen has produced a special edition cookbook for it’s first season in 2021 with Eat This TV. The 36 page workbook includes all 49 recipes showcased in season one. It includes special tips and tricks for Samurai Bread. The recipes have been tested in my home kitchen for my family and friends over a lifetime and for 1000’s of clients at Jackson Hole Mountain Guides. The recipes that are titled “Mountain High” are meals we have served for the last five years at 11,000 feet on the Grand Teton.

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Cookbook description and price

Okano’s Kitchen Season 1 with Eat This TV

$17 including shipping in the US

Hot off the press!! Okano’s Kitchen has produced a special edition cookbook for it’s first season in 2021 with Eat This TV. The 36 page workbook includes all 49 recipes showcased in season one. It includes special tips and tricks for Samurai Bread. The recipes have been tested in my home kitchen for my family and friends over a lifetime and for 1000’s of clients at Jackson Hole Mountain Guides. The recipes that are titled “Mountain High” are meals we have served for the last five years at 11,000 feet on the Grand Teton.

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Chef Shelly Meyer

Chef Shelly Meyer began cooking professionally in 2000 catering for elite clientele in the Arabian Horse Industry.

She once cooked an upscale plated dinner successfully for 75 people, in a horse barn, with only a portable grill. She explains it’s times like those that teach you how to handle any adversity and find solutions to challenges.

In 2005 Shelly and husband Brad opened Bradley O’s Steakhouse in her hometown of Hamilton, Montana.

Each recipe was created or approved by them before it went on the menu. After 10 years, they retired from the brick-and-mortar restaurant and Shelly started as a Private & Personal Chef. Even after years of experience, enjoying cooking so much, she decided to go through culinary school and get her certification. Receiving rave reviews, Chef Shelly has been a Private Chef for very notable clientele, business moguls, movie stars, professional athletes, etc. Shelly cooks mainly wild game at home that’s harvested by her husband. She developed a vast array of flavors and techniques that pair best with game. Chef Shelly began offering farmed game to her clients after realizing they were looking for this option.

In 2020 Shelly began commercially manufacturing her Made In Montana seasoning blends. Montana Flavor 2 Savor spices are successfully sold wholesale to multiple Montana retailers, and nationwide through their website.

In 2021, Chef Shelly Meyer became a TV Host on the national Roku channel, Eat This TV

Jennifer Bajsel

Jennifer Bajsel, local DFW chef and owner of the successful company Getting Saucy, began her professional cooking career in 2011. Bajsel, who started as a home cook over 20 years ago is known for creating high-quality, flavorful dishes that cross international borders. Getting Saucy, Jennifer’s company, was created in 2014 to deepen her culinary experience. Through her expansion of culinary knowledge she has become a food advocate. She understands the complexity of the American food system and how important it is to return to eating “real” food. Through her company, Bajsel currently offers both chef prepared meal delivery service as well as boutique catering services.

Diane Henderiks

As one of America’s most versatile, experienced and educated culinary professionals, Diane Henderiks is on a mission to teach new levels of cooking and eating well – while enjoying every minute of it! She has appeared on Good Morning America, Fox & Friends, ABC News, The CBS Early Show, The Chew and many other media outlets. With her background as a Registered Dietitian, Certified Personal Trainer, and chef, Diane provides a wealth of knowledge for the home cook. Following her respected culinary and nutritional expertise makes it simple to take ordinary ingredients to new culinary heights. She makes it easily doable to whip up amazing dishes with her creative, healthy recipes. “Any dish can be revamped to be good for you, it just takes a little education and finesse!” Her message rings true. Diane has the distinct honor of being featured in both Shape Magazine and the New York Times and is also is a proud member of Les Dames d’Escoffier.

Diane is creator and host of the television show “Fresh to Frozen and Back”, the first of its kind show teaching how to prepare fresh meals, freeze and defrost them properly, then bring back to the table at a later date. It is currently airing on ROKU, Amazon FireTV, Altice media and Public Broadcasting Network. She serves on the advisory board for the American Vegetarian Association, the Hudson County Community College Culinary Arts Institute and the Culinary Council for Chefs Society, an organization focused on educating the public about the health benefits and flavors of Korean fermentation and cuisine. She is an active member of the American Dietetic Association, International Association of Culinary Professionals and Women Chefs and Restaurateurs. Diane also has a strong passion for her work with non-profit organizations including Autism Speaks, Warriors in Motion, the Boomer Esiason Foundation and the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation and the organizations resident guest chef for JBJ Soul Kitchen, a non-profit community restaurant that serves paying and in-need customers. In her day to day business Diane nourishes clients via Diane Daily Dish, her prepared meal delivery service at The Jersey Shore. She finds contentment in mornings at the beach with her dog Sydney, cooking at home and spending time with family.


Matthew Alexander

Throughout my career people have often asked me “What dish are you known for?” or “what is your specialty?” For many Chefs, this is a simple, straight forward answer. However, unlike many chefs, my answer is more complex.

On a more personal level, I was adopted from Bogota, Colombia. I consider myself one of the luckiest people in the world because I was adopted by 2 amazing people, my Mom and Dad. They provided me with unconditional love and support my entire life.

For people who haven’t been adopted, they may find it hard to understand the void of NOT knowing where their biological make up is from. This void had plagued me my entire life and was reflective throughout the constant changes in my personality growing up. I felt as if I was always in search for “myself”.

Fast forward to February 2018 when all of my life long questions were answered.

I was re-united with my birth mother in Bogota, Colombia. I cannot put into words the emotion that I felt throughout this journey. This journey of reuniting filled the void of searching for “myself.”

You may be asking yourself how does this translate into my career or the food I cook? Since the inception of my career I’ve always wanted to arm myself with the knowledge of cuisines from around the world. I would get bored easily after mastering one style and would just move onto the next. It was much like my personality when I was an adolescent, always changing trying to find that “one thing” to define me.

I took it upon myself to do pro-bono work at ethnic restaurants. This opened the door for me to continuously practice recipes from different cultures and traveling the world to gain hands on experience. This is why there is not one style or dish I am known for. I am complex and diversified with my cooking. The plethora of experiences that I have been through are all put together in one unified recipe.

All of this is the reason why at Sabor de Arte we are not limited in what we offer or what we can do for you! 


The Gadget Queen Susie Hassan

Host, Creator, Executive Producer at Gadget Queen TV Show on Eat This TV Network/ On Air Personality QVC Home Shopping

Chef Lee

Millennial professional Chef Lee Wright combines his knack for eating and cooking locally with his love of water and snow skiing and action and adventure as he travels the world and shows us how to EAT, SKI, LIVE! Come along on with Chef Lee on this global TV series to eat locally, explore mightily, live boldly, and discover your balance!