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Chef Chris Holbrook

Chef Chris, a former restaurant owner, boasts over 35 years of experience in the restaurant industry. His journey has taken him through various roles, from dishwasher and cook to general manager, regional training instructor, and food research and development specialist. Currently, Chef Chris is the proud owner of Dining Delights and Salt Lake Culinary Education (SLICE). At SLICE, he imparts culinary wisdom through institute curriculum, recreational classes, and personalized cooking experiences. His expertise extends to personal chef services and cat

ering for private and corporate events.


Chef Ryan Jennings 

Ryan Jennings is the C.E.O and Co-Founder of Sweet Pea Plant-Based Kitchen, a chef-prepared, plant-based meal delivery and nutrition coaching company based in Rochester, NY.

Ryan graduated with honors from The French Culinary Institute before returning to Rochester to lead several fine dining establishments including Rio Bamba and Max Rochester.  At Sweet Pea, he champions efficient food production and innovation, with an emphasis on sourcing within New York State.  A 2022 Grow-NY Competition winner, Ryan and his team focus on regional expansion to execute their vision to make the benefits of a whole food, plant-based lifestyle attainable for all.


Chef Janel Hill

Meet Janel Hill, the vibrant host of “Fresh & Fit Kitchen,” a cooking show dedicated to healthy, fresh, and flavor-packed cuisine that will revolutionize the way you think about clean eating. Armed with a passion for cooking that blossomed in her late 20s, Janel’s unique approach to culinary delights is a breath of fresh air in the world of nutrition.

While not professionally trained, Janel’s journey through Hills Kitchen Idaho, her innovative meal prep company in Boise, has earned her a stellar reputation for crafting meals that tantalize taste buds while championing whole, unprocessed foods. Her knack for blending flavors and creating healthy substitutions has made her a trailblazer in promoting accessible and exciting cooking for all dietary needs.

“Fresh & Fit Kitchen” is a culinary compass, guiding viewers on a journey towards a healthier lifestyle without sacrificing flavor or variety. From beginners to seasoned pros, Janel’s recipes are fresh, delicious, and easily tailored to suit individual dietary preferences.

Janel’s mission goes beyond just cooking – she aims to foster a positive relationship with food, emphasizing that it is both fuel and love that brings us together. With Janel’s expertise, get ready to transform your table with diverse, nutritious, and mouthwatering dishes that will leave you feeling satisfied and inspired to embrace a healthier, happier lifestyle.


Chef Desmond

Chef J. Desmond Keefe is a culinary virtuoso renowned for his innovative approach to showcasing the versatility and deliciousness of potatoes. As the charismatic host of a popular TV cooking show, Chef Keefe mesmerizes audiences with his passion for spuds, transforming humble potatoes into gourmet masterpieces with flair and finesse.

With years of experience in the culinary world, Chef Keefe has honed his craft and earned a stellar reputation for his creative potato-centric recipes. From crispy fries to creamy mashed potatoes, and from savory gratins to indulgent potato desserts, Chef Keefe’s repertoire knows no bounds.

Born and raised in a family of potato enthusiasts, Chef Keefe developed a deep appreciation for the humble tuber from an early age. His culinary journey has taken him from bustling kitchens to international stages, where he continues to inspire audiences with his love for all things potato.

Whether he’s exploring traditional potato dishes or inventing bold new creations, Chef Keefe’s TV cooking show is a celebration of the humble yet versatile spud. With each episode, he invites viewers to join him on a flavorful adventure, unlocking the endless possibilities of potatoes one dish at a time.

Through his infectious enthusiasm and expert culinary skills, Chef J. Desmond Keefe has earned a dedicated following of potato lovers eager to recreate his mouthwatering recipes in their own kitchens. Join Chef Keefe as he proves that when it comes to cooking with potatoes, the possibilities are truly endless.


Chef Joe Arvin

Chef Joe Arvin is a culinary maestro celebrated for his soulful and authentic approach to Southern cuisine. With a passion for regional flavors and a flair for creativity, Chef Arvin has earned acclaim as the host of the popular TV cooking show “South of Mad Love Cooking.”

Born and raised in the heart of the South, Chef Arvin’s culinary journey was deeply influenced by the rich food traditions of his upbringing. From succulent barbecue to hearty comfort foods and zesty Cajun classics, Chef Arvin’s cooking reflects the diverse and vibrant tapestry of Southern cuisine.

As the charismatic host of “South of Mad Love Cooking,” Chef Arvin invites viewers on a delicious journey through the flavors of the South. With each episode, he shares cherished family recipes, expert cooking tips, and heartwarming stories that capture the essence of Southern hospitality.

Chef Arvin’s passion for Southern cooking shines through in every dish he prepares, whether he’s whipping up a batch of crispy fried chicken, simmering a pot of savory gumbo, or baking a decadent pecan pie. His warmth, humor, and infectious love for food make “South of Mad Love Cooking” a must-watch for food enthusiasts everywhere.

With his down-to-earth charm and irresistible Southern recipes, Chef Joe Arvin has become a beloved figure in the culinary world. Through his TV cooking show and beyond, he continues to share his passion for Southern cuisine, inviting audiences to savor the flavors of the South one bite at a time.


Chef Jacqueline Williams

I am Jacqueline Williams, a native of Pittsburgh, PA, with a lifelong passion for culinary arts that began at the age of nine. Over my 30+ years of experience in the food preparation industry, I have held various roles that have shaped my expertise and skills.

My career journey started as a corporate trainer for Houlihan’s at OIC and Glen Hazel High Rise in Pittsburgh, PA. I then transitioned to the Twin Cities in 1990, where I served as the Executive Chef at Capers Restaurant in Edina, MN. Subsequently, I held executive chef positions at Café Solo, Dayton’s, and Boundary Waters Restaurant. Additionally, I gained valuable experience working in Marriott’s International Education Division at Augsburg College in Minneapolis, overseeing catering, student dining, and retail service divisions.

In 2000, I founded Abundant Catering, and in November 2003, I expanded my culinary endeavors by opening Abundant Bistro, a soul food restaurant that received accolades such as Best Soul Food from City Pages in 2005 and 2006. At present, Abundant Bistro’s salads and wraps have been recognized at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival.

As a pioneer, I was among the first African American women to graduate from the Allegheny Community College Chef Apprentice Program and joined the Pittsburgh Cook and Chef Association, recognized by esteemed figures like Bill Foust and Nick Colletti.

My academic achievements include an Associate of Science degree in Culinary Arts and a Bachelor of Science degree in Research in Product Development from Metropolitan State College.

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of working with diverse culinary styles, from fine dining to French Nouvelle-influenced classics. In 1997, I assumed the role of Executive Chef at Eat Your Heart Out Catering, catering to national and international entertainers, including U2, KISS, Mary J. Blige, Lilith Fair, the Rolling Stones, Ozzi Oberon, BB King, and King Harold of Norway.

In addition: To my culinary expertise, I have extensive experience as a corporate trainer, contributing to the successful openings of restaurants in various locations, including Station Square in Pittsburgh, PA, King of Prussia in Philadelphia, PA, and Monroeville, PA.

With a passion for excellence and a wealth of experience, I am committed to delivering exceptional culinary experiences and driving innovation in the food industry.


Chef Shonah Jefferson

Shonah Jefferson is a “restaurant kid” – she began her culinary career at the tender age of 11 by helping her dad at his local Houston restaurant.  After spending many years in business and as a practicing attorney, she returned to her culinary roots by managing the family restaurant for a few years while obtaining a degree in Culinary Arts from San Jacinto College.  As the Executive Chef and Owner of Chefs For Seniors – North and Southeast Houston Metro, Chef Shonah and her team of talented chefs serve the seniors of the North and Southeast Houston Metro areas by preparing healthy meals in the comfort of their homes.

“Chef Shonah’s Foodies Over 50” was birthed from her experiences with delivering food demonstrations to seniors in the Metropolitan Houston Area.  In her role with her Chefs For Seniors franchise in the Houston area, Chef Shonah noticed that many of the seniors who attended her food demonstrations were still actively cooking and wanted to continue to do so.  Their biggest challenge was adjusting their cooking styles to accommodate new dietary restrictions, changing taste buds, or cooking for only one or two people. As a result of these interactions, Chef Shonah realized that she loves educating “foodies over 50” on how to prepare healthy meals that are simple to prepare and packed with flavor.  Her food demonstrations have become popular with seniors (and others) around the Houston area, and “Chef Shonah’s Foodies Over 50” gives her an opportunity to share her passion with “foodies over 50” everywhere!


Chef Marc Taxiera

Chef Marc Taxiera is a New York native, born and raised in Ossining, New York by an Italian mother and Portuguese father. Marc’s mother was born in Caserta, Italy as a child of a war bride and an American soldier. At an early age, Marc would watch his grandmother and mother in the kitchen where they would cook large Sunday meals. In an Italian household, everything revolved around food and gathering at the dinner table. Marc’s passion for cooking started to grow, and naturally progressed into interest in the industry. After graduating from high school, Marc was certain the food industry was his path.  This is when he started his adventure studying at the Institute of Culinary Education. It was here that he learned the basics of French techniques and integrated his Italian heritage.

After graduating from ICE he worked at Felidia , with the great Lidia Bastianich, where he was introduced to greenmarkets, international ingredients, learned and respected the melting pot of NYC.  Working in several award-winning establishments such as Felidia, Baldoria, Beppe and The Russian Tea Room.  The Russian Tearoo introduceing Marc to top ingredients the world offers including Caspian Sea beluga and Alba truffles (straight off the plane). Having the experience to feed presidents, diplomats, and some of the most influential people in the world in such a quintessential place continued to inspire his passion and drive for continued success.

Currently, Marc is the owner and chef of Augustine’s Salumeria, a Michelin guide recognized restaurant in Mamaroneck, New York. Priding himself on utilizing the vast farms from the tri state area. Enjoying the Union Square green market for local ingredients and also spending Saturday’s at the Larchmont farmers market selling his amazing house made dressings and giardiniera.   “Ingredients – if you put the best in, you’ll get the best out.” Also, represented in the beef program. A grass fed, Texas Long Horn Steer, butchered for him as requested from a small family farm in Enid Oklahoma, Richie Walking R Farms. The details in Marc’s vision have made Augustine’s quickly one of the best in Westchester.


Chef Jess Werkheiser

Chef Jess Werkheiser is the owner and operator of the Roving Feast, a full service food and beverage catering company in Cambridge, Vermont. Originally from Pennsylvania, Chef Jess has been in the restaurant realm since she was 14 but her heart has been in the kitchen since she could pull up a chair and cook alongside her Sicilian grandfather. She has worked all facets of the restaurant world from front of house to back. After following another passion, interior design, for 10 years, something was always calling her back to food. After years of owning a restaurant with her husband and team, they made the decision to focus more on catering and events, and in 2016, The Roving Feast was born. Since then we have built a strong presence in the Vermont wedding industry, where Chef Jess shows, through food (and impeccable service and event design), how important Vermont and it’s bountiful and beautiful landscape is to her.  


Chef Tommy Washington

Chef Tommy Washington, founder of Tommy’s Kitchen, is a celebrity chef with 25 years of culinary experience. He is a pure craftsmen in the kitchen as well as a culinary artisan when it comes to food presentation. He has attended multiple culinary schools, due to his passion to becoming one of the best Chef’s in the country, and was also a top finalist in the Favorite Chef competition.

Chef Tommy gets a lot of his inspiration from his parents. His parents taught him the importance of pursuing his dreams and his grandmother was one of the first people to spark his interest in cooking. Although, before pursuing his love for cooking, his desire for helping people led him to become a fireman.

Unfortunately after sustaining an injury from a critical house fire, inevitably his career ended. After the incident, Tommy knew it was time to chase after his true passion, cooking!

Chef Tommy is also an entrepreneur and culinary artist at heart. He currently has eight sauces in development, a brand of pot & pans and cook books that are currently in production. All of these products will be available at retail stores soon.

Tommy has a true heart for enriching the lives of people through cooking. He is a caring and compassionate chef who seizes opportunities to bring people together through food. His new venture of introducing the world to Tommy’s kitchen, through TV and streaming services, is a dream come true.

Tommy’s Kitchen… don’t trust us, taste for yourself.


Chef Trey

As a private chef in the Blue Ridge Mountains of north Georgia, chef Trey draws on over three decades of award winning foodservice. Having grown up on the Gulf Coast and serving in five-star kitchens under the training of master chefs, chef Trey has experienced many tastes and styles of food, which he brings to the table in the form of varied menus and preparations each night. Using the best of fresh ingredients available, sourced locally when possible, chef Trey creates simple dishes that highlight the quality of the abundance of the products used. Chef has worked as a private chef full time for over five years creating new dishes, in new kitchens, for new clients every day, which affords him the opportunity to be creative and spontaneous, trying something new every day. He started cooking in college, without any prior experience he got his professional start in an Olive Garden kitchen. And that small opportunity has taken him through various commercial kitchens where he has learned and taught with some of the most talented chefs in the south. Chef has always felt that every day is an opportunity to learn something new for even the most seasoned professional. And being able to share new ideas and flavors with his clients is a great part of what drives him. His passion for food comes through the way he is constantly striving to make his clients happy.


Chef Jared Kent

Chef Jared grew up in a big, fun-loving family in the Midwest. As a kid, he developed an early love of food, as he would follow his mother around in the kitchen and learn to cook. He started washing dishes in a local restaurant at 15 years old. From there, he moved into the kitchen and eventually went to culinary school at Johnson & Wales University in Charlotte, NC.

During school and after graduation, Jared was fortunate enough to combine his love of cooking with another passion: travel. In school, he studied abroad in Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam, learning how to create bold Southeast Asian flavors. He also spent three months tasting his way through South America and has worked for restaurants, hotels, and events in Bermuda and Australia. His experience working with great chefs from around the world has fostered a deep love for many international cuisines.

Jared started cooking plant-based three years ago, after witnessing a devastating wildfire season in Australia and wanting to cook more environmentally friendly food, without comprising on flavor. He’s published dozens of vegan recipes and is now the head chef of Cloak & Dagger, an eclectic vegan cocktail bar in Cleveland, Ohio.


Chef Aaron Gans

Hi I am Aaron Gans, chef and Co owner of Palais Soulful Fusion LLC. We are a mobile catering company base out of Philadelphia, PA that specializes in fusion Cuisine. We fuse Latin, Italian, Caribbean, Asian and Mediterranean flavors to give you a custom and unique eating experience! We as well provide private chef dinners and meal preps. We cater any and all events, there is no event to big or to small to experience a taste of Palais Soulful Fusion. 

At Palais Soulful Fusion we inspire to be a household name in the kitchen. We inspired to teach and change the world’s view of Fusion Cuisine one dish at a time.
Before I joined Palais Soulful Fusion LLC, I started refining my cooking skills at Dobbins vocational tech high school where I graduated top of my class in Culinary art. After high school I work in countless restaurants front and back end. I was a General Manager in several Prominent fast food establishments. In 2022 I left the main stream food industry and started fully focusing on my on dreams!

Some of our Accolades are. Graduated top of my class in full service and culinary arts. being alloted the opportunity to film a 12 episode season cooking show for Eat This Tv, come in top 5 in Oaks, PA canna chef Competition, and a few celebrities private weddings and dinners.


Chef Heidi and Robyn

Heidi and Robyn, both hail from the beautiful South Africa and are now living in the United States raising families and working in the culinary world want you to join them on this exciting new journey.

Heidi and Robyn are no strangers to ‘cooking up a storm’ Literally having both sailed from South Africa and half way around the world., they want you to join them in their kitchen as they treat you to some delicious South African style cooking with international influences that they picked up in there travels around the world working on private Yachts. There travels took them all over Europe and the Caribbean where they both learned from some of the top chefs many different techniques and the use of spices to bring out the delicious flavors of food. Essential they are both self-taught cooks who like sponges soaked up as much as they could working under these great chefs.

Both Heidi and Robyns passion for food began with their parents. Heidi grew up a vegetarian for the first 11 years of her life, she watched her mom create amazing, tasty meals out of very little and was inspired by her to learn more about the diversity of ingredients, eventually experimenting on her own with all different kinds of cuisine, she loves taking recipes and adding her own twist and flavors to make it her own creation. Which led to her working as a private chef in South Florida and the Bahamas.

Robyn also grew up with parents that loved to cook and entertain and as she was always a creative child, she took an interest in cooking helping her parents prepare delicious meals to entertain their guests. She used this knowledge and love for creativity and was hired as a chef on a large private yacht where she was able to experiment and hone her skills to create beautiful, delicious meals that wowed her guests.


Chef Nina Delore Jones

My name is Nina D Jones and I have been baking since I was 13 years old. Graduated from Culinary school in 1990 and recently received my 2nd degree in Business Administration & Management in May 2024, with high honors, Summa Cum Laude. I have worked in many areas of foodservice such as fry cook, broiler cook. Saute cook, grill, head line cook, and the Assistant to three executive chefs. But my heart is in baking. I was a pastry cook at the Sheraton Hotel & Towers in Boston, MA, and at Skipjack Seafood Emporium, also in Boston. After moving to Alabama, started cake decorating for J’s Pastry Shop in Pensacola, Fl, then became the pastry chef for the Riverchase Country Club for almost six years and Bistro 218 as the partime pastry chef for 4 years at this startup restaurant. Started a home base business, ” Delights from Delore Bakery ” but had to slow things down until I graduated. Currently in the search for a brick-and-mortor building to continue my passion and help assist Culinary students with a place to do their internship with an all scratch Bakery.


Chef Jennifer

Made from Scratch with Chef Jennifer

My name is Jennifer Wenderott and I am the owner of The Simply Sweet Bakery. It’s a small
cottage bakery in the Flint Hills of Wabaunsee County, KS. Both me and my husband, Adam,
are natives of the area and are proud to be raising our family here. We have a daughter,
Hannah, who lives down the road in Manhattan, KS and is a cosmetologist at a local salon. Our
two boys, Tate & Hudson, are still in school and love living in the country. They enjoy helping on
the ranch and sneaking a cookie or two when mom bakes.
As a little girl I spent a lot of time at my grandparents house and got to enjoy spending time in
the kitchen with Grandma. She loved to bake from scratch and her favorite thing was having her
family over on Sunday for lunch. Together we baked pies, cookies and cakes for everyone to
enjoy. I grew up loving to bake and entertain. In 2013 I had a few people reach out about
making pies for Easter and this is how my little bakery came to be. Over the years I have found
my love to truly be in making cakes and cupcakes from scratch and have found my calling to be
custom wedding cakes. I love meeting with couples and seeing their excitement as they talk
about their special day. Listening to a bride’s idea and looking at inspiration pictures with her is
one of my favorite parts of my “job”. I bring all that information back home with me and settle in
to create a one-of-a-kind cake just for the couple. I only use buttercream frosting and encourage
couples to use fresh flowers as it helps to keep costs to a minimum. Budget is always a huge
factor for couples planning a wedding. I focus on taste and giving the wedding guest a great
tasting cake along with it being beautiful. I have developed some really great recipes and flavor
combinations that have been favorites for several years running.
I also love to entertain friends and family. I enjoy having my girlfriends over for a Saturday
brunch to enjoy homemade cinnamon rolls, quiche, fruit and maybe a Mimosa or two. Having
family over at the holiday is a huge passion. I began hosting Thanksgiving a few years back and
I look forward to it every year now. I also love hosting a good New Year’s party for friends and
family. Making a big spread of appetizers and snacks is my love language!
My passion for baking and entertaining is deep and I give a lot of the credit to my grandma for
that. To this day she still loves having friends and family over even though we all mostly do the
cooking now. I hope you will enjoy coming along with me as I share some of my favorite recipes
for baking and cooking from scratch that have been shared with me by my grandmothers and
great-grandmother. My hope is that you can find your passion for sharing good food and
entertaining with your family and friends.


Made Scratch Texas with Chef Teddy B


Chef Teddy B. is one of Eat This TV’s most charismatic and engaging culinary stars. With a deep-seated passion for food and the power it holds to unite families and friends and ignite relationships, Ted Bilsky embarked on his culinary journey in 2014 when he opened Scratch Kitchen in Southlake, Texas. Founded on a commitment to crafting exceptional meals and a belief that every gathering should include extraordinary cuisine, the soaring demand for his catering services pathed the way to the catering business.

A natural transition for Ted, Scratch Catering & Fine Foods opened its doors in 2015 Chef Teddy B’s dishes are a celebration of Texas, always infused with a distinctive Texan twist. His culinary creations pay homage to the Lone Star State’s rich flavors, earning him a special place in the hearts and taste buds of many.

Chef Teddy B. is not just a culinary virtuoso but also a captivating character among the landscape of cooking shows. Each episode of “Made Scratch Texas” sees him donning his iconic cowboy hat with a new ensemble, reflecting the same inventiveness that characterizes his culinary creations. Viewers are drawn to his charismatic, engaging personality and signature cowboy hat that can be seen in every episode. He effortlessly blends classic cowboy with country charm, radiating an authenticity that makes viewers feel at home in his kitchen. His rugged elegance and timeless appeal add to his immense popularity in and out of the kitchen.




Professional Experience

Crumble & Flake Patisserie, Seattle, WA                                                                

July, 2017 to present

Pastry Chef/Owner/Manager.               

Responsible for the management of daily operations, hiring, training and managing employees, menu development for current items and holiday specialty items, production and daily accounting.

Niche GF Café & Bakery, Seattle, WA                                                                                         

April, 2015 to present


Responsible for the creation and opening of the first dedicated gluten free café/bakery in Seattle.  Duties include the management of daily operations, hiring, training and managing employees, menu development, production and line service, daily accounting, and the organization and production for a wholesale account.

Eats Market Café , Seattle, WA                                                                                      

September, 2003 to July, 2015


Responsible for the creation and opening of a full-scale restaurant with 45 seats and for building it into one of West Seattle’s beloved cafés for over 10 years. Duties included management of daily operations, hiring, training and managing employees, menu development, production and service, daily accounting, and the organization and production for a wholesale bakery account (customers included multiple Whole Foods Market and Metropolitan Markets) and participated for several years as a vendor at the WS Farmer’s Market.

Tom Douglas Restaurants, Inc, Seattle, WA                                                                        

Nov, 1999 to September, 2003

Corporate Executive Pastry Chef.          

Responsible for the full production and organization of the sole pastry department for the entire company, which included three restaurants, a retail bakery, a full-scale catering company, corporate accounts, and for developing and opening The Dahlia Bakery.  Creator of the famed Dahlia Bakery Doughnuts.  Duties included menu development, the hiring, training and management of staff of 14, inventory & quality control, food & equipment ordering, and food & labor cost analysis. 


The City Bakery, New York, NY                                                                                        

August, 1998 to March, 1999


Responsible for the management of daily operations including the opening and closing of the bakery, training and supervising employees, the setting up and closing of the register and credit machines, doing the daily books and the participation in special events at one of New York City’s top bakeries.


Arcadia, New York, NY                                                                                                          

September, 1997 to June, 1998

Pastry Chef.     

Responsible for the sole production and organization of the pastry department at one of New York City’s top-rated 3 star restaurants (same chef as The Lobster Club).  Duties included inventory control, ordering, quality control, preparing specialty items for events and the production of the entire menu.  Restaurant closed at the end of June 1998.


The Lobster Club, New York, NY                                                                                  

April, 1997 to September, 1997

Pastry Chef.     

Responsible for the sole production and organization of pastry department.  Duties included inventory control, ordering, quality control, preparing specialty items for events and private functions and the production of the entire menu.


The Lobster Club, New York, NY                                                                                  

December, 1996 to April, 1997

Garde Manger/Sauté.  

Prepared entire mise en place and worked service at each station at one of New York City’s top-rated restaurants.  Assisted with the plating and expediting at the pastry station.


Ecole Lenôtre, Plaisir, France                                                                                      

April to May, 1999

Earned certificates for the completion of two stages (while working at Patisserie Seurre in Paris)

The Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, NY                                                             

April, 1995 to December, 1996

Graduated 1st in class in A.O.S. Culinary Arts program and Winner of The Wine Spectator Award

Washington University, St. Louis, MO                                                                      

 September, 1987 to May, 1991

Earned a Bachelor’s degree in Educational Studies and Anthropology

CELL 206.898.5274 · E-MAIL


Chef Michele Broxton

Michele Broxton is a multi-faceted entrepreneur based in Rolla, Missouri with an influential social media presence fueling the national spotlight on her many business ventures and humanitarian projects.  As the single mother of four children, her role as parent informs every decision she makes and where her most precious asset – her time – is dedicated.

After a successful twenty-year corporate career, Michele returned to the seven-decade family business in Central Missouri and set about transforming what had once been a successful, but then in decline, trailer park owned and operated by her aging parents. Michele quickly deployed her well-honed business acumen, keenly tuned instincts for igniting people’s passions and an attention to detail and conscious hospitality and established Ozark Farms, set literally in the Heartland of America.

Ozark Farms features a working cattle ranch and is an outdoor recreation paradise hosting thousands of vacationers and locals annually looking to relax, rejuvenate and reconnect. Central to the 600-acre farm is a bustling restaurant and country store which has quickly become the social and culinary hub of Rolla and is complemented by a robust catering business for local and state-wide enterprises. Spread across the many acres are multiple rental homes and cottages complemented by temporary and semi-permanent pads hosting weeklong RVs, semi-permanent mobile homes and day trippers looking for stellar camping sites.

Michele serves as the principal owner and CEO of Ozark Farms and draws her daily inspiration from the unshakable values she’s witnessed in multiple generations of her family. Michele’s guiding principles feature prominently in every aspect of this multi-faceted collection of businesses which has culminated in the recent launch of her television series, Return to Home, whose segments focus on century-old recipes that every family can easily recreate. Additionally, Michele is the author and designer of a new lifestyle cookbook by the same name launching in the Fall of 2024.

Michele is a dedicated philanthropist, social media influencer and foster/adoptive parent and enjoys mentoring entrepreneurial women to not just empower their dreams but bring them to reality and truly change family stories. 

We love your questions! 


Chef Zach

Former owner of Cultura Paraiso in Cusco Peru, Chef Zach Berger has been back home in the Hudson Valley focusing on his love of culinary adventure with private chef services, catering and popup events. With passion of food and travel Zach brings flavors from regions all over the world while keeping his roots in the Hudson Valley very dear to him using fresh and local foraged/farmed ingredients. Zach is in the process of putting together his Cultural Paradise HV cookbook which will include local farms and makers from all over the region. The Hudson Valley is important to Zach and it absolutely shows through his dishes.


Chef Todd Butler

Growing up in Medina, Ohio, i started to learn to cook when he I moved to Naples, Florida while finishing high school. Where i learned to appreciate food and different flavor profiles, working at several higher end fine dining kitchens.

I have traveled throughout most of the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Asia. Was was fortunate to be able to travel Asia and take a cooking class at a local woman’s house. I’ve been through Napa Valley, where I learned the importance of pairings my food with wine.

Eventually in my early 20’s, I move to Denver, Colorado, where I worked my way up to sous chef and eventually my first gig as the chef, running my own kitchen. I spent 9 years in Denver learning from some of the areas top chefs and perfecting my cooking style and blending flavors from all different regions. Finally I landed Richmond, Virginia for the last 20 years running kitchens at top named restaurants and catering companies when I finally started my own small catering company 16 years ago, eventually turning it into five different concepts and a wedding venue. After 6 years of the wedding venue, I went back to just straight catering weddings, fine events, wine dinners, corporate catering and government  events.

I’ve enjoyed the ride ride along the way. I have an amazing career and life, daughter, fiancé and family. Catering gives me the freedom to cook what I want and have time to still be with family and travel, without the late nights and long hours of a restaurant.


Chef Melissa

I grew up in St. Louis.
My Sicilian grandmother (Nana [naa-naa]) was raised on the “Hill.”

My name is Melissa Maugeri, a.k.a. ChefMel.  I live in St. Louis with my wonderful wife and two amazing daughters.  I love to travel, play golf, go fishing and “glamping.”  Cooking and creating in the kitchen is my passion, and feeding my friends and family is my “love language.”

Growing up, I loved my Nana’s pasta sauce; my mom would make a version with a little sugar. Those were the only red sauces I liked. What I didn’t know then, and would discover later as an adult, is that I do not prefer oregano. After many trials of “doctoring” the sauces I would buy, and realizing I didn’t like that spice, I decided to try and make my own sauce from scratch.

I watched my Nana make hers. It was an all-day process. I decided to vary what she did, and opt for a shorter process, add a little sugar and finish with a nice Merlot. I thought it turned out pretty good… then I shared it with my coworkers at our potluck the next day. They raved and raved and then expected me to bring pasta with this sauce to EVERY potluck from now on! They requested that I make more batches and sell them to them. I would make it, can it in quart jars, and bring it in and sell out in minutes. I did this repeatedly and then decided to try craft shows. I would sell out at shows and have to take orders and go back to my kitchen and make more. I moved up into the Farmer’s Markets and continued this side hustle for a while.

The next logical, but HUGE, step was for me to have the sauce mass-produced. It took a lot of perseverance and a lot of NOs until doors started to open. I have been so fortunate to have so many people help me along the way, and who continue to help as we grow and are expanding. I am so grateful for all of you who have enjoyed my sauce and have told others about it! Keep enjoying and sharing, and if you haven’t tried it yet, go get some and enjoy!! 

I am now ecstatic about another opportunity, having my own cooking show! “Simply Sauced with ChefMel” is a dream-come-true! I have always thought I could pull off a cooking show, and now I have the opportunity to do just that!  I hope you enjoy watching me simplify some great Italian dishes that you can replicate and make yourself!

Mangia Bene!


Chef Parind

Chef Parind Vora is a classically trained chef in the old vernacular. Born in Mumbai (Bombay), India, his family emigrated to the U.S. in 1976. Since arriving he has lived in New York City, West Virginia and South Carolina. He eventually found his way into restaurant work as a teenager. A few years later, he attended St. Matthews University; School of Medicine. While there, Parind was in the top 15% of his Medical school class. He was passionate about the world of medicine but could never quite shake his love of food. During the final part of his third year of medical school, Parind decided that the kitchen was where he belonged. He left St. Matthew’s and resumed his travels, soaking up as much food knowledge as he could along the way.

Parind’s globetrotting has since come to define his cooking style. He is essentially self taught in theory but was mentored by his travels, both domestically and abroad. Growing up in an Indian household, the first concept he mastered was the use of spices and their flavor combinations. Each part of the world he has visited since then has added a layer of complexity to his cooking. Every food experience he had left an indelible mark on his cuisine. His cuisine is now described as “Modern American,” but is culturally honest and done with a unique approach. Parind seeks to meld classic technique with subtle Indian seasoning and world influences. Alongside his genuine devotion to fine wine, this combination makes for unmistakable American food.

This taste for powerful flavor combinations doesn’t go unnoticed. Since opening Jezebel, he has been invited to cook for the oldest winery in Spain as well as the world renowned James Beard House in New York City. Parind’s food has big flavors and is seasoned assertively, yet is nuanced, complex, and most importantly, balanced. He creates the entire menu at Jezebel in order to take advantage of local, seasonal products…a menu that can only come from skill, understanding and exuberance.

As Parind launched his global catering business he is catering from Europe, Caribbean to any city in the US. Please inquire at His love of cooking mandate that Restaurant Jezebel stays open and now will be available on limited schedule. Please call our sister restaurant Lockhart Bistro for more information and to reserve soon to prevent disappointment.


Chef Christy

Public Television chef and host Christy Rost is the author of three cookbooks, a television and radio personality, lifestyle authority, entertaining guru, cooking teacher, recipe developer, home restoration expert, Registered Nurse, and popular guest chef for food and wine festivals, home shows, women’s expos, major retailers, and charity events.

Based in Texas and passionately dedicated to the celebration of Home and Family, Christy’s focus on sustainability, farm to plate, cooking with local ingredients, and food and wine pairings is heavily influenced by the months she lives and works in her recently-restored 1898 Breckenridge, Colorado historic mountain home. Conversing with farmers, ranchers, wine producers, distillers and food artisans, and being intimately connected each day with the land, water, and nature, has a profound effect on Christy’s commitment to sustainability.

Her ongoing fascination with the history, food, and people of the American West is reflected in Christy’s more recent immersion into cowboy cuisine and live-fire cooking. While introducing readers, audiences, and event guests to American frontier and Native American heritage foods such as bison, venison, lamb, chiles and beans, Christy provides tasty solutions for today’s healthy diets, and a connection with American West culture.

Christy’s expertise in home restoration and celebrating home and family has been featured nationwide each November 2009 through 2016 on PBS and CREATE TV stations with her one-hour Holiday production for American Public Television, A Home For Christy Rost: Thanksgiving, centered around her stunning historic mountain home, “Swan’s Nest”. This highly-acclaimed and much-loved television show, has reached 91% of U.S. households in more than 6,600 broadcasts, and is a testament to Christy’s passion for family, friends, home, gardening, historic preservation, home decorating, food, wine, and celebrating each day around the table with her signature style of casual elegance.

Christy was the host and executive producer of her own Texas television cooking and lifestyle show Just Like Home for 12 years, has been interviewed by and Martha Stewart Radio, and is a frequent guest on WGN-TV in Chicago, FOX-4 in Dallas, and KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh for her expertise in cooking, entertaining, and easy mealtime solutions. From programs reaching 40 million viewers to local television markets, Christy has appeared in Atlanta, Austin, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Houston, El Paso, Green Bay, Madison, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Providence, Rochester, Rockford, San Antonio, San Diego, St Louis, Syracuse, Youngstown, and many more.

In 2014, Christy hosted a 10-day Mediterranean culinary cruise from Athens to Barcelona in partnership with Cruising With The Chefs and Oceania Cruises. She has extensive experience presenting for major retailers, food and wine festivals, and women’s expos. Popular presentations include cooking techniques, entertaining tips, adding fresh and updated elements to the table and home, decorating how-to’s, and dining etiquette for clients such as Macy’s, Kaufmann’s, Foley’s, Mikasa, World Market, Napa Style, Sur La Table, Whole Foods, Market Street, Market District, A Southern Season, Kitchenware Outfitters, The Cook’s Nook, The Kitchenette, Carr Valley Cheese Cooking School, Texas Cooks!, Snowmass Culinary Festival, Visions: The Women’s Expo, Head To Toe Women’s Expo, Women’s Living Expo, Taste Addison, The Dallas Outdoor Flower and Living Show, The Dallas Home & Garden Show, The Fort Worth Home & Garden Show, The State Fair of Texas, The Santa Angela Festival, Milestone Culinary Center, The Chicago Tribune’s Printers Row, Southern Methodist University’s Cox School of Business, and many other venues.

Christy’s latest book, Celebrating Home: A Handbook For Gracious Living (Bright Sky Press) is a beautiful blend of tantalizing recipes inspired by Christy’s life in Texas and Colorado, home decorating how-to’s, entertaining tips, seasonal table settings, and more than 100 gorgeous, full-color photographs by award-winning photographer Rick Souders, set in the intimacy of Christy’s 19th century mountain home.

Christy’s first cookbook, The Family Table: Where Great Food, Friends and Family Gather Together (Capital Books, Inc) was published in hardcover in 2004 and was released in a paperback edition in 2005. The book is designed to inspire families, friends, and neighbors to gather around the table to celebrate daily life and special occasions, and contains 250 original recipes, extensive wine notes and wine suggestions, and entertaining tips.

Christy’s second cookbook, Where’s My Spatula? Fast, Healthy Meals When Your Kitchen or Your Life Is A Mess (Capital Books, Inc) was published in 2008, and provides quick, easy recipes and solutions to get delicious, nutritious meals on the table when life is busy. Christy knows first hand how messy life can be. She developed the recipes and wrote this book while restoring her historic Colorado home.


Executive Chef Mark 

Executive Chef Mark Gaylord started his culinary journey at the age of 11 years old. In 1978 he took a job washing dishes two days per week at The American Legion down the street from his home in Marengo Illinois. After one year of washing dishes and having the desire to learn how to cook he was promoted to a cook’s position at the age of 12 years old.

He continued working at several local Marengo establishments before deciding that upon his high school graduation in 1985 he would move to Charleston South Carolina to attend Johnson & Wales University. Mark attended the two-year Culinary program and received a bachelor’s degree in culinary arts.

Upon Graduating in 1987 Mark moved to Hilton Head Island and started a 3-year tour with Marriott Hotels. 1 year in Hilton Head Island S.C., one year at the Marriott O’Hare in Chicago where he became the lead banquet cook and completed his management training before becoming a kitchen manager at the Oakbrook Marriott in Illinois.

In 1991 Mark relocated back to Charleston S.C. where he worked for a period of 9 years with Garibaldi Group. Garibaldi’s Italian Bistro, Bistro Savannah in Savannah Ga., The Olde Pink House in Savannah Ga. and Anson in Charleston. Mark worked as a carpenter assisting in the total building renovation of Anson which took over a year and a half where he became the Sous Chef and later The Executive Chef.  

While with the Garibaldi Group, Mark had a publicist from Atlanta Ga. and was featured in The Atlanta Constitution, The Washington Post and The New York Times. He was given a Zagat review at Bistro Savannah and was labeled the best Seafood restaurant in GA. Mark along with Chef Dan Kim of Garibaldi’s under the Director of Operations Glenn Roberts, owner of Anson Mills, served a 5 course Southern Flavors dinner at the James Beard House in New York City with the assistance of Tyler Florence who recently relocated to New York after working at Anson in Charleston. Mark was also featured in the national Chaine de Rotisseurs magazine for hosting a southern flavors wine dinner for the members.

Mark then moved Back to Hilton Head Island where he worked with the Lowrey Group for a period of 8 years. He held the titles of Executive Chef, General Manager and Director of Operations throughout his eight years. During this time, he ran The Boathouse as Executive Chef and later General Manager, was the Executive Chef at Antonio’s fine dining Italian Bistro, and Executive Chef turned Director of operations for Celebration Events Catering.

Mark moved his skills for a period of 3 years to The Jazz Corner in The Village at Wexford next door to the Food Network’s Robert Irvine’s restaurant Eat. Mark assisted the team in reaching the number one ranked restaurant on Trip Advisor out of the 220 plus restaurants on Hilton Head Island. Still today there are some of his seasonal recipes being used at The Jazz Corner and they are still ranked #1 after 10 years of Mark having to relocate back to Illinois for Family Matters.

After relocating to Illinois in 2010 Mark was the executive Banquet Chef at The Grand Geneva Resort where he was a Mentor to the Wilmot High School Pro Start team before landing in his current roll as an Executive Chef with Sodexo. His account is at the corporate headquarters of A J Gallagher where he oversees the daily operations of the 6-station café as well as the in-house Breakfast, Lunch and dinner catering for Gallagher’s global clients.

Since being back in Illinois Mark has competed and placed first in The Culinary Fight Club’s Sip and Bite competition in December of 2016. This win gave him the invitation to compete in the Culinary Fight Fest which consisted of all the first-place competitors during the 2016 season. With the assistance of his chosen teammates Mark secured the win and was able to compete at the World Food Championship in the Gulf Shores of Alabama.

Mark has a son Davis, a daughter Abby, two stepdaughters Sarah and Samantha as well as his beautiful wife Carolynn and currently lives in Spring Grove Illinois.


Chef Ava

As a native of Charleston, South Carolina, Ava developed an appreciation for dishes

traditional to the lowcountry region. Locally grown produce, meats and other protein sources, play a major role in her menu development, for which she constantly seeks only the freshest, and best ingredients.

Her passion for food began in her mother’s kitchen as a young girl. From that point, her culinary skills have expanded to include robust flavors, fine dining and classic low country cuisine. Her culinary skills have landed her numerous catering and private event opportunities, including personal chef to services to multiple players from the NBA Charlotte Hornets. 

Chef Ava is committed to providing outstanding customer service and delicious food to clients, guests and visitors of Ava’s Lowcountry Cuisine. Chef Ava is a wounded warrior who decided to pursue her passion and completely change her career direction. Upon retirement from active duty service as a logistician with the U.S. Army Special Operations, she enrolled into the Chef’s Academy in Morrisville, NC to further her pursuit in Culinary Arts.


Chef Sandy

With a passion for travel, sailing, SCUBA diving and cooking, Chef Sandy began her professional culinary path aboard a private yacht in the Caribbean Virgin Islands after a 25 year career in Technology on Wall Street.

Chef Sandy began cooking at a young age by making (with just a little bit of help from Mom) Soufflé au Fromage, which turned out to be somewhat too grown up for her 10 year old palate, but she absolutely loved the beautiful dish that resulted and the reaction from the grown ups in her family, who really enjoyed the dish.

Since that time, she has continued to hone her cooking chops, doing a lot of study, course work and experimentation, ultimately creating her own recipe database which houses thousands of recipes that represent her body of work.  

She now has the opportunity to share her craft on a larger scale, with her cooking show viewers and charter guests aboard the 62’ luxury catamaran, Le Rêve, sailing in the Virgin Islands, Leeward Islands, the Bahamas and New England.

Her global menu is a tribute to her travels throughout Thailand, China, India, Africa, Australia, Central and South America, Canada, Europe, North America and the Caribbean. 

Chef Sandy loves experimenting with new cuisines, ingredients, cultures and techniques and looks forward to sharing her experiences with her viewers and her guests aboard her charter yacht, Le Rêve.


Chef Victoria

Chef Victoria is the executive chef and owner of Palais Soulful Fusion mobile catering company. Hailing from Philadelphia where she learned, loved and created her own lane in the culinary industry. Chef Victoria’s passion for cooking stemmed from her grandmother who had Victoria in the kitchen from a very young age. Baking and creating dishes from scratch is what started the fire in this young bright chef.

Victoria gained all her culinary knowledge and experience through family owned businesses such as Major Flavoring Catering Company and several restaurants including Eat & Park of Pittsburgh. Chef Victoria started Palais Soulful Fusion back in 2017 with the basis of the company being centered on fusion cuisine pulling from Mediterranean, Asian, Latin, Italian and Caribbean cuisine. One of Chef Victoria’s goals is to bring back culinary education and life skills to the Philadelphia school system one technique and meal at a time!


Keeping it Kosher: Chef Elan and Chef Tollan

We’re just two brothers who love to cook. Inspired by our father David Teyf, who is also a chef, we decided early on in life that we would never take the traditional roads in life. Chef Tollan began as a competitive weightlifter and personal trainer who transitioned into the world of cuisine and comedy, where his constant barbs and sardonic wit, as well as his vast nutritional knowledge, will help you understand the true relationship between man and food. He was classically trained in Le Cordon Bleu of Madrid, Spain. He now serves as the Director of Events and Executive Chef for Madison and Park Hospitality Group, as well as the co-owner of Lox Cafe in Manhattan, and Greenwich and Delancey in Greenwich, Connecticut. Chef Elan studied in Le Cordon Bleu Paris for four years, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in cuisine and business hospitality management. He worked in some of the most esteemed hotels and restaurants in the world such as, The George V in Paris, and the St Regis in Florence, Italy. His approach to cooking is one of extreme precision, hyper self-criticism, and a deep love for the natural produce. He believes that perfection is not impossible to achieve, it is just very difficult. Chef Tollan keeps Chef Elan grounded by reminding him that cooking can be fun and therapeutic. This balance of intensity and composure helps to create a harmonious environment where food transcends our biological urges and becomes an art.  Chef Elan serves as the menu development coordinator for Madison and Park Hospitality Group, as well as the Executive Chef of Greenwich and Delancey, and Lox Cafe. Our food can be described as Eastern European, Jewish Cuisine that can be considered aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Kosher food is heavily stigmatized and we are here to prove that if given the proper treatment, it can rival that of michelin star plates. Our father who immigrated from Minsk, Belarus and who also studied in Le Cordon Bleu Paris, is our greatest inspiration, and the true mastermind behind our restaurants and catering services.  We are just two brothers, working with our father, creating beautiful, memorable, and comforting food for the soul.


From The Ocean To The Fire

Chef Danny 

Chef Danny is about to embark on a new adventure as the executive chef at The Club at Pelican Preserve in Ft. Myers, Florida. He has been the Chef at The Club at Pradera in Colorado for the last 16 months.

Before COVID-19 closed the island, Chef Danny was the Chef for the Sunshine Suites on Seven Mile Beach in the Cayman Islands with responsibilities including menu development, food and labor control and daily function of the restaurant.

Prior to moving, Danny was Executive Chef of MorningStar Senior Living. He also served for fifteen years as the Executive Chef of Sanctuary Golf Course, an invitation-only facility in Castle Pines, Colorado. For the first ten years there, he was also the chef at the Wildlife Experience, a museum and event center in Parker, Colorado and co-owned location with the golf-course.

Before moving to Colorado in 1998, Chef spent two years as Executive Chef for Overlea/Great Occasions Caterers in Maryland overseeing all on- and off-premise catering as well as their commissary and concession business. This included helping with their kosher catering facility.

Chef Danny is an ACF Certified Executive Chef (2014); also, an ACF Certified Culinary Administrator (2015); holds CPR/First Aid certifications; and is a Certified Proctor/Instructor and manager certified with ServSafe.  Additionally, he instructed the 2nd year class of apprentices for the Colorado Chefs Association for 3 years and is a certification evaluator for the ACF.  He completed his culinary education at the Baltimore International Culinary College in 1992 and is active in several culinary events in the Denver area including cooking for the current and past governor of Colorado.

Obviously based on the theme of the show he loves cooking seafood. He also has a passion for BBQ and Caribbean food. I addition he enjoys pairing food not only with wine but beer and spirits.


Chef David

Chef David Knight’s heart and soul is ingrained in the culinary field. He has over 30 years’ experience as a professional chef, chef instructor and business owner. His vast experience in culinary and pastry, and diverse background has shaped him into the versatile and experienced Executive Chef/Business Owner he is today. 

Dave has worked in upscale and high-end restaurants, country clubs and culinary schools throughout Arizona, Colorado, Maryland, Vermont and Washington D.C. He has cooked for celebrities and dignitaries including President George Bush Sr., President Bill Clinton, President Barack Obama, members of the Secret Service Detail, Jacques Pepin, Roland Mesnier, Willie Nelson, Ricky Schroeder, Juliette Binoche, Albert Kumin, the New York Giants, Iowa Hawkeyes basketball team, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper and Senator Mark Udall.

Dave has a proven reputation with a solid work ethic, a wide body of knowledge in the science and physics of food, and is well-versed in fine dining preparation and delivery. Dave has complimented his leadership experience with over 20 years combined service in the US Army, Navy, and Search and Rescue teams and Back-of-the-House (BOH) management experience.


  • American Culinary Federation (ACF) Certifications | Executive Chef, Executive Pastry Chef, Certified Working Chef, Culinary Educator, Certified Executive Pastry Chef (In Process)
  • Associate Degree of Occupational Studies in Culinary Arts | New England Culinary Institute | Essex, VT | 1992
  • Graduate: Certificate of Baking and Pastries | Baltimore Culinary Institute | Baltimore, MD | 1990
  • Member, American Culinary Federation | 1989 to 1994, 2014 to 2016


  • Team Member, Rocky Mountain Rescue Group (Boulder, CO) 2002 – 2003
  • M109 Howitzer Crew Leader, U.S. Army National Guard 1/180 Field Artillery Unit 1996 – 2000
  • Training Officer, Virginia DES Potomac Valley Search and Rescue (College Park, MD)  1994 – 2004
  • Heavy Equipment Mechanic, U.S. Navy Reserve Construction Battalion 1985 – 1991
  • Team Member, Coconino County Sheriff’s Department Search and Rescue (Flagstaff, AZ) 1996 – 1998


  • First Place in Bethesda Iron Chef Competition at L’ Academie de Cuisine | Gaithersburg, MD
  • 7th Annual Pastry Chef Competition at 21 Club | New York, NY
  • Food and Wine Magazine Awards | New York, NY
    • First Place for Best Desserts made with Espresso
    • First Place for Best Sugar Work
  • First Place for Best Sugar Works, Domino’s Sugar Award | New York, NY
  • First Place Award, Student Chef Competition, Old Family Recipe | Baltimore, MD
  • Original Recipe Campaign Feature | Idaho Potato Commission


EatThis.TV Network | Chef David Knight | Sweet & Savory Pilot

FSR Magazine December 2021

Idaho Potato Commission Food Service Ad Campaign Fall 2021​

The Latest Dish Fall 2021
High Timber Times 2015
Conifer Chamber of Commerce 2015
The Denver Post 2014
Sugar Loco 2013


Chef K’s Kitchen

Chef K began discovering her passion for food while growing up in a village outside of Torino, Italy with her mother. She spent a lot of time in the kitchens learning from the mommas and the grandmas of local Italian friends. Amazed by the amount of passion the Italians put into all of their dishes and preparing every meal with only the freshest of ingredients, Chef K decided this was her calling. Upon returning to the United States to go to College, Chef K continued to study different cuisine. Starting as a prep cook at a gourmet camp-style resort in West Virginia, she worked her way to Executive Chef. In 2004 she moved to Williamsburg, Virginia where she has opened and continue s to run her catering company “Chef K Cooking”

Chef K has been featured LIVE since 2014 on WTVR CBS-6 “The Virginia This Morning Show” 9-10am weekdays in Richmond, Virginia. Watch Chef K cooking her signature dishes over the past 8+ years – search “Chef K WTVR” or “Chef K CBS 6” or on YouTube for her most recent episodes.

Chef K has Two Published Cookbooks After talking with many customers and friends over the years she realized the overall desire to eat healthier, however the biggest complaint was “low fat just doesn’t taste as good, where is the flavor?” so she created “Phat Taste! Little Fat!” where you can enjoy some of your favorite recipes with all that wonderful flavor and only a quarter of the fat. Chef K is very proud of her second cookbook “Chef K Goes to Yorktown Market Days” which is a compilation of delicious and healthy soup and salad recipes that she created for the local Farmer’s Market in historic Yorktown, Virginia.

Chef K is devoted to supporting local programs that help Americans. Every copy of her first cookbook “Phat Taste Little Fat” provides 24 meals to hungry Americans through the Feeding America Program. Similarly, a percentage of the proceeds from “Chef K Goes to Yorktown Market Days” provides help for the Fisher House Foundation, supporting American military veterans and their families. Chef K is active in supporting the Natasha House, Here for the Girls, the Watermen’s Museum in Historic Yorktown, Home’s for Our Troops, March of Dimes and numerous other local charities.

Chef K was invited to work with the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum and NASA to complete the first episode and live edition of the STEM in 30 Program to educate middle school students throughout the United States about preparing healthy nutritious menus for the astronauts in the space station as well as what we eat here on earth. Visit the Smithsonian Website to see the live broadcast of “Vacuum Packed Space Food: It’s What’s for Dinner” originally presented on November 19, 2014:

Comments by Torri S. Strickland

Producer, Local Programming • WTVR-TV/DT

,: 3301 W. Broad St. · Richmond, VA 23230

“Chef K is one of the best Chefs I’ve booked in about 3 years!  She is AWESOME!!!  I’m still waiting for yesterday’s ratings to come in, but I know her segment skyrocketed.  She has great energy and her presentation is just what I hope for when booking guests. We look forward to having her on again and again and again J”

“I anticipated your segment to show a spike in the ratings and it did J  You were awesome so thank you.  I most DEFINITELY would like you back.  You are a dream guest – everything I hope for in a cooking segment and then some J”

“The segments were OUTSTANDING”

“You always hit a home run – Great to have you join us again”

“Thank YOU – another homerun segment – YOU = GREAT! Would love to get you in the line up the end of next month”


Chef Debra


Chef Debra LaRocca-Walker is first generation Sicilian-American having learned to cook and bake in her Nona’s kitchen as a young girl.  Chef Debra is a Florida native and has received 4 educational degrees in different industries and embarked in her first career as a Registered Nurse/Healthcare Administrator working with pediatrics and geriatrics before being appointed Executive Director of a state health plan.  During these years, Chef Debra started LaMezzaluna Catering part time that served events for local and state politicians, businesses and private events applying all the skills and recipes she learned as a child. 

After leaving healthcare, Chef Debra went to seminary and became an ordained minister specializing in Pastoral Care and served for 6 years, part time in a mission church.  One of her passions was feeding and clothing at-risk children, elderly, shut ins, poor and needy in her community and she created a non-profit called Angel Meals where she prepared, delivered and served over 17,000 hot, made from scratch meals in 6 years and hosted free Thanksgiving/Christmas/Easter communal meals for those in need.   She also started a clothing house at the church where families in need could ‘shop’ for free clothing when picking up their meals.  She was a drug/alcohol addiction recovery counselor and started a recovery group through her mission church to assist community members in their recovery efforts.

Chef Debra continued to work in the food industry as Executive Chef/Manager in large conference centers, steakhouses and upscale restaurants designing menus and managing all aspects of the businesses and catering events, but her passion was always pastries. 

Through the years, Chef Debra’s lifelong dream of becoming a degreed Pastry Chef was still in her heart.  Her precious son Tyler, a Firefighter/EMT was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 27 and he asked her one thing; after his passing to fulfill her dreams and go back to school, get her degree in Pastry Arts and open her own bakery/restaurant.  Chef Debra would sit beside his bed and they collaborated about the different pastries she could make for her new bakery.  After his passing, and a time for grieving, Chef Debra kept her promise.  

After graduation with a degree in Advanced Pastry Arts, Rocca’s Bakery & Confections was born. Chef Debra’s passion is pastry but also teaching the home baker how to re-create the same items in their own kitchen by simplifying more complicated recipes and teaching the home baker traditional techniques of pastries.  Chef Debra’s passion and love for pastries and food can be tasted in every creation she bakes.

Rocca’s Bakery & Confections continues to bake and spread joy through event catering, pastries, celebration cakes, pies, breads and confections in Greensboro, NC in addition to Rocca’s Bakery online store which ships nationwide.  Rocca’s Bakery motto is “We Bake Your Day Better”. 


Chef Kevin

Chef Kevin Roberts

Louisiana born; Mississippi raised! Kevin was destined to be in the kitchen from a young age and was born into a family of cooks and caterers. By age 5, he was standing next to his grandma learning how to make old fashioned Southern Style biscuits. At age 9, he was coming home from the 3rd grade just to watch “Great Chefs of the World” on Discovery Channel. This inspired him to set up his parents old VHS Camcorder on a tripod to record his very own TV Cooking show! Where he showcased his skills with Kraft macaroni and chicken nuggets. By age 15, he was flipping burgers at a fast-food joint and the rest was history.   

Kevin took a different route in life and comes from the school of hard knocks. With over 20 years in the restaurant industry. He’s a high school dropout who spent his younger 20’s traveling the country working at seasonal resorts as a line cook in Alaska, California, and Florida.  He finally settled back into his hometown of Vicksburg, MS. Where he helped opened a few unique restaurants which led to a local celebrity chef status.

In 2015, Kevin developed a series of health issues due to years of bad dieting and the party chef lifestyle. This led to a newfound love for healthy food and fitness. In 2018, Kevin left the hustle and bustle of the restaurant industry to pursue a life in personal training. He quickly found that food was the most important aspect to a healthy regiment and couldn’t stay out of the kitchen. He created Fit Chef Catering, a healthy meal prep business that was started by selling meals out of the trunk of his car at the gym. That has since grown into a massive operation throughout central Mississippi with 4 physical store locations, online ordering, full fledge catering and soon to offer nationwide shipping.


Chef James

James Jens has over two decades of cooking professionally, but a lifetime of passion for food. Starting with helping in his mother’s kitchen cook the family meal and canning the bounty of the family garden or creating for foods and nutrition projects for 4-H. His first “paid” event was cooking for a high school friends pre-dance dinner meal for him and his date.

After high school James attended Fox Vall3ey Technical College for Culinary arts and then embarked in a whirlwind culinary career. With stops at multiple independent white linen restaurants, two 4-diamond resorts, 1 5-diamond resort and multiple private country clubs prior to starting Dinners with Class.

Dinners with class is a personal chef, catering, cooking class service company that creates personalized culinary experiences for each client’s event. Menus range from tapas to multi course tasting menus to interactive chef stations cooking in front of guests, the sky is the creative limit.

Along with his passion for all things culinary, his hobbies include traveling with his high school sweetheart turned wife and their two kids, watching and attending Indy car races, local Wisconsin sport teams and sailing. 

Chef  Diane

After graduating college in 1970, I pursued my 1st career as a Reading specialist, working with Elementary age students. Then, in 1976, we moved to Naples, Italy for my husband’s commitment in the Navy.  It was there that I discovered my love for cooking, baking , and eating well. When we returned to the States, I began my baking Career from my home kitchen.  I started selling cakes and pastries to restaurants and caterers. In 1986, I purchased a French Bakery in Haddonfield, NJ called La Patisserie Francaise.  It was here  that I continued to explore my passion for French Pastries and cakes. During this time we won many awards for our pasties and cakes from Philadelphia Magazine for “Best Of Philly”. Our Ricotta Cheesecake was one of our awards.  We also provided special desserts for the Cezanne Exhibit, opening night, at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and created a replica of the Bourse Building for the 100th Anniversary.

In 2006, we decided to leave retail sales and focus on Wedding and other larger special occasion cakes.  Since then, we have won Best Wedding Cake for The Knot, and Couples Choice Award for Wedding Wire, every year since 2012. We are also known for our Vegan and Gluten free selections, as well as other dietary restrictions in cakes. We get a lot of pleasure in making a person’s cake dream come true.  All cakes and pasties are made to order large or small.


Chef Carl L.

Carl L. Huckaby II (Chef Chip) began his career standing on five-gallon buckets alongside his father, Chef Carl L. Huckaby CEC, CCE, CEPC, AAC, FMP.

It was Chef Chip’s greatest advantage to learn beside his father, his mentor, in their family bakeries and restaurants. He stayed by his father’s side, learning the trade and committing himself to achieving goals of his own in the culinary arts.

He’s worked at beloved restaurants like the Hillview Country Club in Franklin, Indiana, the famed Chez Jean Restaurant Francais in Camby, Indiana, as well as the world-renowned Indianapolis Motor Speedway as Executive Chef of the Brickyard Crossing Golf Resort & Inn.

From there, he transitioned to helm Barto’s Banquets and Catering at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.  In coalition with owner John Barto, they redefined the image of “State Fair Food” and it was there that he and John would launch Food Guys Catering in January of 2014, providing a truly customized catering option for Central Indiana.

Everyone deserves those happy moments.  Everybody deserves good food made fresh!

In 2019, Chef Chip joined his expertise with Keith Johnson at Smokehouse Catering Company to continue growing with each other and provide “Good Food Made Fresh.”


Chef Celeste

CHEF CELESTE Celeste Gill Chef Celeste received her culinary training in Hawaii with a degree in Food Science. She became the first female cook at the Salvation Army Alcohol Treatment Center. While in the military, Chef Celeste moved to Virginia and became the Dietary manager for Sunrise Assisted living. ensuring the nutritional and quality meals for seniors. Chef Celeste wrote the menus, procured all staples and managed the dietary staff. That position advanced to traveling to various senior complexes in the area providing special events for seniors. This experience set her on a career path to upgrade the senior dining experience with delicious and nutritious meals. This includes writing menus for the dietitians and seasonings with her senior seasoning blends.

Chef Celeste is CCR certified and registered with SAMS for the past 14 years, serving the National Guard and seniors during national disasters in and around the Baton Rouge and surrounding areas. She is also certified food handler, certified Food service manager as well as certified food management instructor and proctor the Servsafe national program. Her team members are also certified foodservice Servsafe COVID-19 certified as well as managers which ensures the highest safety practices for our seniors.
Chef Celeste combines fresh local ingredients whenever possible to her delicious menu options.

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Feeding homeless
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Chef Celeste and her team have over 25 years experience in the senior nutritional field. Her inventive culinary style has earned her several accolades, including Chef of the Year from the American Culinary Federation, the Seafood Award from Capital Chefs’ Showcase, and first place in the Fall Heat Cooking Competition. Because these events led to so many requests for spices and seasonings, Chef Celeste began packaging and selling her own Louisiana Honey Mustard and proprietary Senior Seasoning spice blends.

Event spaces Teaching Chef Celeste and her team have over 25 years experience in the senior nutritional field. Her inventive culinary style has earned her several accolades, including Chef of the Year from the American Culinary Federation, the Seafood Award from Capital Chefs’ Showcase, and first place in the Fall Heat Cooking Competition. Because these events led to so many requests for spices and seasonings, Chef Celeste began packaging and selling her own Louisiana Honey Mustard and proprietary Senior Seasoning spice blends. Based in Baton Rouge, Chef Celeste and her expanding team have their finger on the pulse of healthy senior dining. The team provide meals for The EBR Council on Aging, serving 22 Senior Centers/Nutritional Feeding Sites with 1100 hot meals served daily and 1800 Meals on Wheels daily. Southside Gardens Retirement Center for the past 12 years, serving meals to independent as well as Assisted living residents, some with special diet requirements. The Spine Hospital of Louisiana, where dietary ranks with the hospital in the top 5% in the country, Rehab at Neuromedical and dietary services at The Surgical Specialty Center. 520 Spain, the newest venture is a beautiful refurbished house in downtown Baton Rouge that’s open to host events. Chef Celeste loves to teach and has extensive experience in sharing her fresh take on healthy Louisiana cuisine through live presentations, cooking classes, and local and national television, such as the Food Network. She has produced and co-hosted the cable television show, “Cooking Up Louisiana Treasures”


Chef Bob

Chef Bob Sargent was born in Elmira, New York, and knew at a very early age that cooking was one of the things that brought him, and others around him joy. Starting his first restaurant job at the age of 16 bussing tables, he has been in the kitchen for 34 years. In that time, his culinary exploits have taken him around the world. Bob’s first inroad into international cuisine was a pastry apprenticeship in Caux, Switzerland, from there he created and taught a culinary program in Bhutan. He has spent as much time as possible traveling the world, studying, and sampling cuisines in Thailand, Europe, Mexico, and South America. Along with his extensive experience across the world, he has worked and trained across the US, in places such as San Francisco, the Delaware Coast, New York, and Boston before settling in Boulder, Colorado in 1997.

Since then, Chef Sargent has opened and worked in some of Boulder’s best restaurants before founding Savory Cuisines Catering. Now open 19 for years, Savory Cuisines started as a small, private chef service out of his garage, and has since grown to be Boulder’s largest catering company. Bob’s passion for cooking is only rivaled by his passions for running and weightlifting, and he is an advocate of a mostly plant-based diet. Outside of his travels nationally and abroad, he prepared vegetarian fare at Naropa University, and on the Grateful Dead, and Phish concert tours. A graduate of the Culinary School of the Rockies, now Escoffier Culinary School, and has had the opportunity to teach at both schools.

Chef Leigh

1570 Eastward Ho Lane, Marathon, Florida 33050 The Florida Keys
I’ve lived in the Keys and have been in the Restaurant & Hospitality Industry for 40 plus years.
I’ve owned, worked, and managed a previous business The Coffee House, for 21 of those years.

2018 I registered with Escoffier Culinary Arts and completed my Chef degree in 2021.
I started a new business in 2018, Clouds in my Coffee Catering, and opened The Table in 2021 as a private and personal event location.
I’m the 1st in 5 Generations of Italian women cooks to have a Chefs degree.

My grandparents after moving to the United States of America from Calabria and Naples, Italy, where they were Cheese makers and Goat herders settled in New Jersey. After opening several restaurants, they imported chefs from Geneva to work in the kitchens. Growing up in this environment she learned many recipes which she then taught to me while working in the kitchens with her.

In the early 60’s my mother became a food writer for the New York and New Jersey papers. My mother had a tremendous influence on me during those formative years.

While raising 7 children and hosting the Governor of New Jersey and federal dignitaries she did not leave out articles which touched on recipes and cooking styles to encompass feeding a family on pennies
a day. My mother and Grandmother where the embodiment of Italian Cooks & cooking.

In 1969 my Family moved to The Fabulous Florida keys, where I grew up and live today. I continued working in kitchens whenever time allowed. After High School, I married and had 2 daughters. Traveled with the Army and came back home in 1995, started working in the banking Industry to broaden my business skills. Although always a second job in a kitchen to make ends meet.
In 1997 I opened my 1st restaurant, then a second in 2010.

Through good fortune I had the great opportunity to travel to France, Italy, Spain, and Portugal, where my passion blossomed for great Food and Wine pairing. Today this is what I enjoy the most: Hosting
Wine Dinners and the pairing of great wines & foods using local sourcing and incorporating local fresh catch and ingredients from the Florida Key’s & Caribbean Regions. My menus, through personal input,
are designed for each client group, this gives me great room for imaginative use of local resources.


Chef  Dick

Dick was raised in Connecticut…and is the founder of Bites By Eydt…as early as high school he developed a passion for food, entertaining and the hospitality business.

He was fascinated by the restaurant and hotel industry…the rhythms and choreography of it all. No wonder when he finished high school, he headed the Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration. There he immersed himself in his studies and explored in the ins and outs of the fine dining and the hotel industry.

After graduation, Dick set out to work in some of the most iconic restaurants across America. First to New York City at Windows on the World Restaurant in the World Trade Center, Chicago for a group of hotels & restaurants operated by VMS and then on to Opus in Los Angeles the sister restaurant of the legendary Le Bernadin in New York City. Dick’s passion for food and preparation led him to sharing dishes with friends and family, and pointed towards his career in the catering industry.

Drawing of his vast experience he created Bites By Eydt a catering company serving clients along the Eastern Seaboard, from Manhattan to Greenwich, CT, to Nantucket to Florida’s Vero Beach & Boca Raton to our home base in Atlanta. What makes us different from other catering companies? We bring the food, oversized plates, Riedel wine glasses, flatware and William Sonoma service platters and prepare the food, serve and clean up, so our clients don’t have to wash a dish or clean a glass. This is what has made Bites By Eydt a success.

Creating unique venues and events during the era of Covid has presented challenges to be sure. That’s why Bites By Eydt has introduced an innovative protocol. Covid-19 rapid testing that will be available at any catering event ensuring that all guests will be safe and at ease to enjoy their event. Dick became a TV host on the Roku channel program, Eat This TV

Chef Nadine

My name is Nadine Whitehead, I am married to Jeff and have 2 grown daughters Danita and Chandra and 3 grandchildren and a dog mom to Poppy and Bella. I have a passion for baking and have made cakes for others for nearly 40 years.

After having a successful cake business in Sidney MT for several years, I had a few years that I was working so much that I had to put it on the back burner for a while. I am now able to make cakes as needed and started a business out of my home in St Joseph, MO called County Road Cakes. I have learned many new techniques so I would be able to fill the many needs of the modern couple or anyone with a rustic need, a Birthday, a graduation, a new baby, a retirement or any occasion!

I am currently a member of ICES the International Cake Exploration Societe, Missouri/Kansas ICES and Cakes for Smiles, I am very excited about what may be ahead!

Chef Connie

I Live For Dessert offers Old World recipes and Modern Creations to our hungry customers with awesome Tastebuds.

At I Live For Dessert, we’re here to help you find the perfect dessert. We use a variety of fresh, organic ingredients to make sure you love each and every bite. Whether you prefer pastries, bread, tarts, frozen desserts, cookies, cakes, or something a little more unusual, we have a sweet for your palate.

Chef Justin

Justin Fields was born in New York City. Growing up in the Bronx, he was influenced by the hustle and bustle of NYC. From a young age he had a very creative personality, getting involved in art classes, reading comic books and emulating artists of the time. The multi-cultural environment mixed with his love to eat would be the building blocks of his culinary journey.

Justin attended the Culinary Arts program at Bergen Technical High School in Hackensack NJ. This is where his appetite for culinary success began. Upon graduation in 2000, Justin enrolled into the Culinary Arts program at JWU in Providence, RI. During his schooling Justin moved to Maui, Hawaii for an internship to work at Roy’s Kahana Bar and Grill. He left the mainland with nothing but a suitcase, a plane ticket and a desire to make it to the top.

Taking his career even further, Justin decided to continue his education with JWU and received his BA in Restaurant Management in 2004. After finishing his BA, Roy’s Restaurant was the #1 opportunity on his radar, and he landed a position as sous chef trainer in Philadelphia. Ultimately becoming Chef Partner of Roy’s Sarasota in December of 2008.

That is when a new path presented itself in 2013. As a result of his immense creativity and talent, he transitioned to Corporate Chef / Research & Develop world. Within 4 years he was promoted to Executive Chef / Director of Research and Development, playing an integral role in building brand recognition for multiple concepts.  Chef Justin added an international presence to his arsenal in 2020 becoming the culinary lead for multiple international concepts, expanding his brand coverage and global cuisine knowledge. 

Chef Clay

Chef Clay White is a born and raised North Carolinian. He became passionate about cooking while watching and learning from his grandmother as she cooked every meal for his family. He fell in love with food and food preparation at an early age. Although life took him in a very different direction, his passion for food was always there. ChefClay is a Desert Storm Veteran having served honorably in the United States Army until he got out in the early 90’s. He and his wife moved to Moore County in 1997 and fell in love with the area.

ChefClay graduated with honors from culinary school and is a Former Culinary Instructor at Fayetteville Technical Community College where he taught Global Cuisine, Garde Manger, Purchasing, Wine appreciation, Menu Design, ServSafe and others. ChefClay is also a certified ServSafe Instructor and Proctor offering private classes in Moore and surrounding counties.

Recently ChefClay completed the level one Court of Masters Sommelier and is studying for Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW), the Certified Wine Expert (CWE) and the Certified Sommelier (CS).

​KCBS/NCBS Certified Judge/Table Captain and has a Competition BBQ Team.

Chef Sarah

My passion is rooted in the joy that comes from preparing and sharing food. I am a self-taught cook, with years of guidance from my Japanese mother, Sumiko and grandmother, Yoko, who came to this country before the second world war. These two talented women showed me the value of working by hand with the ingredients local to your home. They knew how to avoid waste and to deploy one’s imagination with ingredients you have on hand. I grew up between a New York City apartment and a farm in Vermont where my father taught me how to milk a cow, make butter, drive a tractor and make maple syrup. Both my parent’s lifelong journey in the making and sharing of food, at the table we still sit at, is rooted in my consciousness. I have cooked professionally for over 40 years, almost always in unusual capacities. Some examples include cooking for months in a tent camp for fisherman in the Alaskan Bush, out of Avon rafts for The Nature Conservancy donors on rivers in Montana, for 100’s of families bringing prepared food to their doorsteps in Denver, Colorado and for the past 5 years cooking meals that are made fresh and vacuum sealed for the 100’s of guests we take to our high camp at 11,000 feet on the Grand Teton in Wyoming. Eating healthy, delicious food from only the best ingredients, has always been essential to my life as the mother of four children and for keeping our clients at The Mountain Guides feeling their best on long, strenuous days in the mountains.

Chef Shelly

Chef Shelly Meyer began cooking professionally in 2000 catering for elite clientele in the Arabian Horse Industry.

She once cooked an upscale plated dinner successfully for 75 people, in a horse barn, with only a portable grill. She explains it’s times like those that teach you how to handle any adversity and find solutions to challenges.

In 2005 Shelly and husband Brad opened Bradley O’s Steakhouse in her hometown of Hamilton, Montana.

Each recipe was created or approved by them before it went on the menu. After 10 years, they retired from the brick-and-mortar restaurant and Shelly started as a Private & Personal Chef. Even after years of experience, enjoying cooking so much, she decided to go through culinary school and get her certification. Receiving rave reviews, Chef Shelly has been a Private Chef for very notable clientele, business moguls, movie stars, professional athletes, etc. Shelly cooks mainly wild game at home that’s harvested by her husband. She developed a vast array of flavors and techniques that pair best with game. Chef Shelly began offering farmed game to her clients after realizing they were looking for this option.

In 2020 Shelly began commercially manufacturing her Made In Montana seasoning blends. Montana Flavor 2 Savor spices are successfully sold wholesale to multiple Montana retailers, and nationwide through their website.

In 2021, Chef Shelly Meyer became a TV Host on the national Roku channel, Eat This TV

Chef Jennifer

Jennifer Bajsel, local DFW private chef and owner of the personal chef/boutique catering company.

Getting Saucy, began her professional cooking career in 2011, as she pursued her professional culinary degree at The International School of Culinary Arts at The Art Institute Dallas.
Chef Jennifer is an upstate New York native and has resided in Dallas, TX for over 25 years.

Her latest culinary venture is hosting her own Italian cooking show on Eat This TV” network. Jennifer has also appeared on two Food Network shows.

In 2015 she appeared on Beat Bobby Flay and in January of 2019 she was on “Chopped”.Chef Jennifer’s passion is advocating for a better American food system.

As a food advocate, Jennifer promotes utilizing organic, non-GMO ingredients from local sustainable farms, and promotes animal and environmental welfare. Not only does the New York native spend time advocating for a better food system but she also volunteers at the North Texas Food Bank and supports Independence Gardens in Dallas.

Jennifer’s upbringing and life experiences have taught her to give back to the community, as she has gone through many rough times, including the passing of both of her parents.
Chef Bajsel’s culinary style is Italian cuisine including a farm to table focus on nutrition. Jennifer promotes eating healthy well-balance meals to her private clients while meeting their individual tastes.

She utilizes organic, non-GMO, seasonal ingredients while featuring global flavors.

Chef Diane

As one of America’s most versatile, experienced and educated culinary professionals, Diane Henderiks is on a mission to teach new levels of cooking and eating well – while enjoying every minute of it! She has appeared on Good Morning America, Fox & Friends, ABC News, The CBS Early Show, The Chew and many other media outlets. With her background as a Registered Dietitian, Certified Personal Trainer, and chef, Diane provides a wealth of knowledge for the home cook. Following her respected culinary and nutritional expertise makes it simple to take ordinary ingredients to new culinary heights. She makes it easily doable to whip up amazing dishes with her creative, healthy recipes. “Any dish can be revamped to be good for you, it just takes a little education and finesse!” Her message rings true. Diane has the distinct honor of being featured in both Shape Magazine and the New York Times and is also is a proud member of Les Dames d’Escoffier.

Diane is creator and host of the television show “Fresh to Frozen and Back”, the first of its kind show teaching how to prepare fresh meals, freeze and defrost them properly, then bring back to the table at a later date. It is currently airing on ROKU, Amazon FireTV, Altice media and Public Broadcasting Network. She serves on the advisory board for the American Vegetarian Association, the Hudson County Community College Culinary Arts Institute and the Culinary Council for Chefs Society, an organization focused on educating the public about the health benefits and flavors of Korean fermentation and cuisine. She is an active member of the American Dietetic Association, International Association of Culinary Professionals and Women Chefs and Restaurateurs. Diane also has a strong passion for her work with non-profit organizations including Autism Speaks, Warriors in Motion, the Boomer Esiason Foundation and the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation and the organizations resident guest chef for JBJ Soul Kitchen, a non-profit community restaurant that serves paying and in-need customers. In her day to day business Diane nourishes clients via Diane Daily Dish, her prepared meal delivery service at The Jersey Shore. She finds contentment in mornings at the beach with her dog Sydney, cooking at home and spending time with family.


Chef Susie

Host, Creator, Executive Producer at Gadget Queen TV Show on Eat This TV Network/ On Air Personality QVC Home Shopping

Chef Lee

Millennial professional Chef Lee Wright combines his knack for eating and cooking locally with his love of water and snow skiing and action and adventure as he travels the world and shows us how to EAT, SKI, LIVE! Come along on with Chef Lee on this global TV series to eat locally, explore mightily, live boldly, and discover your balance!

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