Food Media


Eat This TV Marketing Communications is a nationally recognized full-service food and beverage branding agency. We integrate research, brand strategy, a full range of creative and communication services and sales support programs to help clients build their brands and create Brand Love.

Creative Thumbprint

This is where your brand story begins, built on a foundation of strategic insights. Our team comes to you with a variety of parity-breaking concepts all crafted to define your brands’ future success.

Brand Standards

From logo development and package design to brand voice and brand attitude, we’ll create the framework that ensures a unified approach to putting your brands’ best face forward at every touchpoint.


We are masters in the art of pull marketing, getting your brands noticed and embraced by the marketplace through strategic creative that simply can’t be ignored.


We tap emotions to move customers, and to move your products. Today it’s not just about being heard or seen, it’s about being loved and lauded. Building off of a smartly targeted strategy, we help you woo present and future Brand Lovers.



At Eat This TV, we are not making food photography just for our clients, but we are also doing it for chefs across America. This gives us unique insights into how culinary photography works online and on social media.

We know what makes audiences react because we’ve tried it first and we learned from our successes and failures alike. This means that you’ll get great visual content that has already been tested and proven to be effective.

One of the key points of a successful food photography campaign is the content strategy. That’s why we need to plan according to your brand’s specifics. You can see below some real-life examples that will help you understand. They are meant to emphasize the importance of adopting a content strategy based on each brand.

Another key factor is food styling. Think about it as a product package. No matter how good a product is, you need the right package to sell it.

And this applies to food probably more than it does for other products. There are so many dishes that taste amazing but, without the proper food styling, they will often be overlooked, especially on social media where competition is fierce.

That’s where our experienced food stylist and photographer works her magic and makes them look amazing, or to put it better, ‘Instagrammable’.


Video helps you connect with people right from your kitchen. Create Tasty-style video recipes for a fast, effective way to engage and attract a new audience. With Eat This TV, you can make delicious cooking videos without a professional video editor. The process is easy as 1-2-3. Just send us your ideas, photos, we create music and animated text, preview, and publish to your platform.


We partner with clients to truly understand their business goals and their customers’ pain points to develop digital strategies that will drive results. Research drives strategy and strategy drives solutions; our team uses in-depth user and market data to create purpose-driven solutions.

  • User and Market Research
  • Digital Strategy
  • Brand Building
  • Messaging & Positioning
  • Go-To-Market Plans